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And when customers trust, they want to buy... no hard sell required.

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Create the content strategy and marketing tools that grab attention, keep your business top of mind and build relationships with your prospects and customers with a Montreal Content Strategist, Marketing Manager and SEO Copywriter. Whether you are marketing locally in and around Montreal or reaching customers scattered around the globe, I'll make sure you're giving clients every opportunity to see the value you offer so they choose you over your competition every time.

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It's not about you. It's about your customer and how your business helps them grow and prosper. Content marketing makes you visible and transparent to attract and engage new customers. Grow your business with a Montreal Content Strategist who can give you a wider reach.

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Not sure where to invest your marketing dollars? Get a better perspective on your business working with me. Together we'll craft a marketing plan and set it in motion to bring you to the next level. Grow your business with a Montreal Marketing Manager who understands ecommerce, content marketing and SEO.

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Optimizing your site for the search engines is not as hard as you think. With an experienced SEO Copywriter, your website and blog will be a pleasure to read for both humans and the search engines. Improve your SEO rankings with a Montreal SEO Copywriter who understands your business .

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Arlene Griffin, Content Strategist & Marketing Manager in Montreal, West Island and Vaudreuil-Soulanges
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My agency background and marketing experience with over 200 brands in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa has given me insight into a lot of companies. The businesses that commit to delivering the best customer experience possible, aware of their competition but always improving and driving forward to deliver the best value in their marketplace, are the ones that grow the fastest. Call me to get started  514-402-2943.

My ability to put myself in your target audience's shoes, as your marketing manager, content marketing strategist or SEO copywriter gives you a fresh perspective on your marketing... and marketing is everything. It's in every customer touchpoint in your company. Whether your business is in Montreal, the West Island, in the United States or across the globe, I can help your business shine. Read more about customer touchpoints and other marketing tips in my blog.



See what your customer sees. Decisions are often made without picking up the phone or stepping inside your business. Today your customers start their buying experience online. Can they find your website? Do they know why they should choose you? Is your business built on customer service and satisfaction? Grow your business naturally and organically (with your customers and search engines like Google) by optimizing your content and putting your customers first.

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